Copyright © Uroš Acman

I was inspired by people who dedicate their time and who turn their rooms into sacred places, dedicated to
hunt, and I began with the project "Hunt" in the year 2007. With the work I don’t want to judge the hunters, I just want to separate the spaces and habits of these humans, and to point out their connection with nature and their return to it by bringing home pieces of nature itself.
First, when I started to work on this project I started with the portraits of hunters, here I show a men with
their weapons. I started to be interested into details, for example the butons on their jacket, uniform, on the medals of honor which are put firmly into the dark-green material. At the same time I was impresed by the trophyes they collect, to their obsession, and to the stories they reflect. Trophyes are collected and issued as desired pieces in "hunter rooms".
Thee project is done in addition to their tropheies rooms, and to their "wild fantasies”, which hunters tell and explain, thus their relationship in nature. Nature is their actual source of inspiration. Thus the current
question is brought up for discussion, which is raised by a movement (haunting, fishing, gardning...), which
is to be found as "back to nature", the same we could consider gardners or for instance fishermans. Nowdays more and more humans goes back to the direct contact with nature, and this is exactly what I see hunters doing.
A piece of nature comes home and into the house - as one sees!