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Going to nature makes me easily combine two different interests. One is simply relaxing or practicing sport. the other is taking photographs. Taking photographs of empty landscapes makes me feel bored from time to time. berefore I tried to make some self-portraits that would be a bit less boring, at least for me. Posing for and in front of your own camera can be a rich experience and makes you think about yourself and your personality. As it sounds bizarre it is true though that you can actually see yourself acting. Making selfportraits and presenting them allows the viewer to share your intimate moments such as kissing, hugging or looking at another person’s eyes. Namely I took self-portraits together with my girlfriends. I set the camera while my girlfriend was already on the position. I decided what should be included in to the frame. I pressed the button when I felt the moment being right and authentical. Being in love and sharing
the feelings with another person and nevertheless observe yourself at that moment was incredible. Some of
the occasions were already in my mind while the others where chosen spontaneously.